Total Rewards at Caleres

Medical Plans

You have four medical plan options through UnitedHealthcare. Here's a quick overview of how they compare:

Traditional Plan Protection Plan Consumer Plan Surest7000 Plan
Payroll Rates Highest In between In between Lowest
(What you pay)
Mid-range Slightly higher Lower, after you pay deductible $0 coinsurance, transparent co-pays
$700 per person; $2,100 per family $700 per person; $2,100 per family $1,850 per person; $3,700 per family $0
Out-of-Network Care Covered at lower % Not covered (except ER) Covered at lower %

Covered with higher co-pays

Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$4,500 per person; $9,000 per family

$4,500 per person

$7,000 per family

Prescription Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$3,000 per person; $6,000 per family $3,000 per person; $6,000 per family Does not apply; Prescriptions included in medical maximum Network: $3,000 per person; $6,000 per family
Which Savings/Spending Account(s) Can Be Used with the Plan Health Care FSA Health Care FSA HSA and “limited- purpose” Health Care FSA Health Care FSA

Stay In-Network

No matter which plan you choose, staying in the network saves you money. Check out the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network online or call
1-888-298-1061. Surest utilizes the same network as the UHC plans.

Medical ID Cards

UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

Group Number: 752312

Visit the UHC website to print a temporary ID card and request a replacement or call 1-888-298-1061.

Surest Group Number: 78800424

Visit the Surest website to access your digital ID Card or call 1-866-683-6440. 

Medical Plan Tools

Use these tools from UnitedHealth Care to help you make wise health care decisions.

These documents from Surest will assist you with your health care decisions.

Other Medical Plan Options

If you are a Guam or Hawaii associate, you also have an HMO plan available. Contact the HR Administration team at 1-866-279-4357 for information.

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