Total Rewards at Caleres

Medical Plans

You have four medical plan options through UnitedHealthcare. Here's a quick overview of how they compare:

Traditional Plan Protection Plan Consumer Plan Surest7000 Plan
Payroll Rates Highest In between In between Lowest
(What you pay)
Mid-range Slightly higher Lower, after you pay deductible $0 coinsurance, transparent co-pays
$700 per person; $2,100 per family $700 per person; $2,100 per family $1,850 per person; $3,700 per family $0
Out-of-Network Care Covered at lower % Not covered (except ER) Covered at lower %

Covered with higher co-pays

Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$4,500 per person; $9,000 per family

$4,500 per person

$7,000 per family

Prescription Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$3,000 per person; $6,000 per family $3,000 per person; $6,000 per family Does not apply; Prescriptions included in medical maximum Network: $3,000 per person; $6,000 per family
Which Savings/Spending Account(s) Can Be Used with the Plan Health Care FSA Health Care FSA HSA and “limited- purpose” Health Care FSA Health Care FSA

Stay In-Network

No matter which plan you choose, staying in the network saves you money. Check out the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network online or call 1-888-298-1061. Surest utilizes the same network as the UHC plans.

Medical ID Cards

UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

Group Number: 752312

Visit the UHC website to print a temporary ID card and request a replacement or call 1-888-298-1061.

Surest Group Number: 78800424

Visit the Surest website to access your digital ID Card or call 1-866-683-6440. 

Medical Plan Tools

Use these tools from UnitedHealth Care to help you make wise health care decisions.

  • Round-the-clock support online

These documents from Surest will assist you with your health care decisions.

Other Medical Plan Options

If you are a Guam or Hawaii associate, you also have an HMO plan available. Contact the HR Administration team at 1-866-279-4357 for information.

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