Total Rewards at Caleres

Time Away From Work

We value your time. From paid time off (PTO) to sick time and holidays, you have several options to plan your time away from work. Click on the link below that applies to you to learn about the options available to you.

In addition, Caleres also provides a number of paid and unpaid leaves of absence:

Leave of Absence Process

If you feel you may need a leave of absence, notify your manager immediately and complete the Leaves of Absence Request Form. For Family and Medical Leave or Short term disability, please file a claim with Matrix by downloading the Matrix eService Mobile app, go to or call 1-877-202-0055.

You may use personal, sick or vacation time to continue receiving pay during an unpaid leave. If you qualify for a paid leave of absence (such as Short-Term Disability or Adoption Leave), you’ll receive your pay in the same form as usual.

You’ll continue receiving any benefits you’ve enrolled in. If you’ll be on an unpaid leave for more than one month, Caleres will send you a bill for your portion of the premium.

For Maternity and Adoption, you have 30 days from your child's date of birth to report a Life Status Even (LSE) and add the child to your benefits coverage. Please contact Ceridian Dayforce at 1-866-279-4257 to obtain a logon so that you may add your child to your benefits.

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