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You have two dental plan options through MetLife:

  • Traditional
  • Preventative

As its name suggests, the Preventative Plan focuses on preventative care; it just provides preventative and basic restorative services. The Traditional Plan, on the other hand, provides more coverage, including major restorative services and orthodontia. See the chart below for a quick comparison of the options.

Traditional Plan Preventative Plan
Annual Deductible $100 per person/$300 per family
Preventative Services
(cleaning every six months)
100%, no deductible 100%, no deductible
Basic Restorative Services
(fillings and full mouth X-rays)
80% after deductible 80% after deductible
Major Restorative Service
(crowns and dentures)
50% after deductible Not Covered
Orthodontia Services
($1,500 per dependent child under age 26)
50% after deductible Not Covered
Annual Maximum
(excluding orthodontia treatment)
$2,000 per person $1,250 per person
Orthodontic Treatment Lifetime Maximum $1,500 per dependent child under age 26 N/A

Note: The amounts shown here are for in-network coverage. You’ll pay more if you choose a provider who's not in the network. Go to to see the difference between in- and out-of-network reimbursement where you live.

Dental ID Cards

MetLife Dental

ID Number: Your SSN

Group Number: 83671

This plan doesn’t have ID cards. Just give your name and Social Security number to the provider to validate coverage.

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