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You have two vision plan options through UnitedHealthcare:

  • Traditional
  • Preventive

The plans both provide comprehensive vision care with access to a large national network (Spectera) that has ophthalmologists and optometrists in private practice and retail settings. The Traditional Plan provides a higher level of benefits. See the chart below for a quick comparison of the options.

Traditional Plan Preventive Plan
Eye Exam Covered in full $10 copay
(Single or Bifocal)
No copay $25 copay
Frames $160 allowance every 12 months, plus 20% off balance over $160 $110 allowance every 24 months, plus 20% off balance over $110
Contacts $25 copay, then $160 allowance $25 copay, then $110 allowance

Note: The amounts shown here are for in-network coverage. You’ll pay more if you choose a provider who's not in the network. Frequency for exam and lenses or contacts is every 12 months.

2023 Vision Plan Rates

Traditional Plan Preventive Plan
Associate Only $7.68 $5.00
Associate & Spouse/Domestic Partner $15.37 $10.00
Associate & Child(ren) $16.46 $10.70
Family $26.28 $17.08

Vision ID Cards

United Health Care (Vision)

Group Number: 752312e

You don’t need a vision ID card to use your benefits. If you would like a card, you can print one from Log in and look for “Print ID Card” on the main dashboard page.

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