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You can enroll yourself and your eligible dependents in Caleres medical, dental and vision coverage if you work at least 30 hours a week. You choose medical, dental and vision coverage separately so you can cover different family members on each. Eligibility for other benefit plans varies. Review the Eligible Associate chart for details.

Eligible Dependents

  • Your spouse: Must be your legally married spouse, as evidenced by an officially recognized certificate of marriage.
  • Your domestic partner (same/opposite-sex): Must meet Declaration of Domestic Partnership guidelines. Request a domestic partner enrollment packet at 1-866-279-4357.
  • Your or your spouse/domestic partner’s children:
    • Up to age 26
    • Unmarried dependents at any age who are unable to support themselves (with proof of incapacity)

See Eligible Family Members for full details.

Enrolling Is Easy

After reviewing your benefits choices on this site:

  • Please log in to Ceridian DayForce using your unique sign on.
  • Click on the ‘Benefits’ box and begin your enrollment.

Before you enroll, gather:

  • Birth dates and Social Security numbers for dependents you want to enroll.

Making Changes

The elections you make during open enrollment are effective for the next full calendar year. You can change them only if you have a qualified family status change, such as:

Note: What you may change depends on the event. When permitted, benefit changes must be consistent with the family status change that allows the change. For example, if you are married, have no children and have coverage for you and your spouse and then have a child during the calendar year, the birth of your child is a qualifying family status change. Therefore, you may add your newborn to your coverage. However, you may not change your health care plan

Rates and Taxes

Look for your monthly plan rates under Resources. Caleres will deduct payments for these benefits from the first two paychecks each month. Bonus: They come out of your pay before taxes, and that lowers your total taxable income.

If You Leave Caleres

Most of your benefits end on your last day.

  • You may be able to continue some benefits under COBRA.
  • Health Savings Account: You can take your Health Savings Account balance with you.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: For Health Care, Dependent Care and Limited Purpose FSAs, you have 90 days from your termination date to submit claims for expenses incurred while you were an active participant. After 90 days, any funds remaining in the account will be forfeited.
  • View this Transition Document for answers to questions when leaving Caleres.

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